About Anthousai



For us, art has always been about revealing the beauty of the world around us. We strive to create pieces that impact and inspire others to see their world a little differently.

Floral design is our art and flowers are our medium, just like paint or clay might be for someone else. We desire to arrange in a way that challenges how people think about flowers, which are looked at millions of times every day, but perhaps never truly seen.

We strive to abandon the contained, manufactured look of many common arrangement styles and instead aim to arrange flowers and plants in a way that reflects the beauty of the way they are found in nature.

Anthousai was started by us - Jenny Rausch and Katie Allen. We're based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have both been working in floral and event design for several years. Our work has been featured in Darling, Together Journal, JuneBug Weddings, Cottage Hill, Brides of Oklahoma and The Tulsa Voice.